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GPS+GLONASS Receiver DuoStar-2000

Reliable solution for high-precision dynamic navigation

SPIRIT 24-channel navigation receiver DuoStar-2000 is combined L1 GPS + GLONASS 24 channel receiver that performs extremely well even on dynamic objects (with high acceleration rates and jerks) in severe vibration and challenging temperature conditions.

Combined GPS + GLONASS system for more reliability and better stability

The Receiver uses the advantages of both GPS and GLONASS systems for the highest reliability of the object positioning for both static and dynamic navigation in obstructed operating environments. It consists of a hardware and software part: RF front-end, FPGA based correlator and software-based navigation data processing. The main advantage of this approach lies in the solutionТs flexibility Ц it can be easily transferred to a broad range of platforms and optimized for particular applications.


SPIRIT DuoStar-2000 has small physical dimensions, low BOM cost, low start time and high sensitivity. These features combined with the highest precision of coordinates, veloсity and time determination in city-areas, where many of the satellites can be blocked, make it the best choice for consumer navigation products.



Key features

  • Low BOM cost
  • —ompact physical dimensions 30х40x6 mm
  • Support for both GPS and GLONASS systems
  • High timing accuracy
  • High velocity accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Low start time
  • 24 channels to support all-in-view satellites
  • DGPS support
  • SBAS support