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06 february 2013

SPIRIT Navigation receives $1M Grant from Skolkovo Investment Fund

MOSCOW, Russia, 06 03 2013 SPIRIT Navigation, the world's leading provider of mobile voice, video and conferencing software engines, announced today that it received 1 million dollar grant from Skolkovo Innovation Centre Fund for hybrid navigation receiver R&D, capable of continuous and accurate indoor positioning on mobile devices. SPIRIT Navigation also co-invested more than $300,000.
Development of a hybrid navigation receiver meets global trends that show a high growth of the demand for indoor navigation systems that could ensure the accuracy of positioning even in those places where GLONASS and GPS satellite signals cannot be received. According to statistics, more than 75 percent of all location search requests from mobile device owners are being generated indoors. However, today there is no reliable indoor positioning product available.
Positioning by WiFi or Cell ID does not provide enough accuracy for real-world indoor positioning and LBS applications (dozens of meters instead of the required 1 meter).
SPIRIT Navigation has been engaged in GLONASS-GPS software and hardware designs since 1995, and is developing algorithms for indoor positioning since 2009. SPIRIT Navigation R&D team has accumulated significant scientific and technical expertise to implement this project. One of the important advantages of SPIRIT Navigation development is a new architecture of a hybrid navigation receiver using a set of standard smartphone sensors.
The hybrid navigation receiver is designed with the intent to help customers find the products in shopping centers, search works of art in museums, and determination of the optimal routes to people and cargo at airports, train stations and logistics facilities.

SPIRIT Navigation is a member of the Association of Designers, Manufacturers and Users of Equipment and Applications Based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems GLONASS/ GNSS Forum and Association of Manufacturers of Electronics and Electronic Devices (APEAP).