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Super-Sensitive Receiver

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Cost-efficiency and flexibility of software and sensitivity better than that of GPS-hardware

SPIRIT Super-Sensitive Software GNSS-Receiver helps OEMs differentiate their portable consumer electronics products, such as next generation PNDs, MIDs, laptops, netbooks and 3G data cards, etc. with the integrated navigation feature.

The Receiver combines the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the software with the sensitivity 10-15 dB better than that of dedicated GPS-hardware. It significantly outperforms all existing GPS-chips for commercial applications in reliability and accuracy, turning a generic laptop or netbook into a high-quality navigation device.

SPIRIT’s Software Navigation Receiver Components

SPIRIT’s Software Navigation Receiver comprises a hardware part with the radio front-end and software navigation engine. The miniature low-cost hardware part of the receiver (<2cm2) is easily integrated into the device framework. Software components, executed on the device processor, include a virtual serial port driver and navigation engine. Optional components may include the navigation receiver tray application, user-applications for navigation control, installer, etc.

Multiple sophisticated features, including support for both global navigation system, resistance to electromagnetic interferences, integrated inertial navigation system, increase search sensitivity and navigation accuracy, making the Receiver ideal for the indoor utilization, where up to 70% of all location-based services are initiated and where generic GPS chips simply fail.

The Receiver utilizes coherent accumulation technique and features anti-jamming, inertial navigation system and both GPS and GLONASS support for the highest sensitivity level and reliable navigation indoor and in difficult urban environments.



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