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Indoor positioning with/without infrastructure support

In December 17, 2013, SPIRIT-Navigation had declared about successful completion of tests for its prototype of a product for high accuracy and reliable indoor positioning of mobile devices. The tests were realized together with Russian Technological Office of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS RTO). They were executed in Russian Office of EADS RTO and Afimall-City in Moscow.

Originality of developed by SPIRIT-Navigation solution for indoor positioning lies in infrastructureless approach which doesn’t need special beacons or  navigation signal transmitters. This innovative navigation solution provides indoor positioning on base of sensor fusion and building floor plans. This new technology may be useful for mobile communication providers and providers of services based on user localization (LBS). The solution gives 1 m accuracy for routing and navigation to different points of a building.
The indoor positioning technology was demonstrated to Technical Committee of EADS RTO in Moscow. Specialists from EADS RTO had noted that the new positioning technology may be claimed in infrastructure of future airports.
It is evident from test results presented in the video, new SPIRIT Navigation’s solution provides dynamic indoor positioning with 1m accuracy.

In addition to the infrastructureless approach  it was developed different indoor positioning technologies with infrastructure support on base navigation signal transmitters and beacons which operate in ultrasonic and radiowave bands.  In particular, it was developed a method of indoor positioning on base ultrasonic transmitters which provides 1dm accuracy for mobile object if there are three or more transmitters with line of sight between the object and the transmitters. Also it was proposed an indoor positioning method on base of networks of navigation pseudonoise signal radiotransmitters which are installed with low density inside and outside building. It can provide seamless indoor/outdoor positioning with submeter accuracy in complex of buildings which are located on large space.