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November 16, 2014

SPIRIT Navigation won second place in mobile indoor navigation software contest during the Fifth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN-2014) in S. Korea

Fifth International Conference ”Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation“ was conducted October 27- 30, 2014 in Busan, South Korea, and focused on mobile indoor positioning (positioning in shopping malls, airports, railway stations, large storehouses etc., where it is impossible to use satellite navigation) both for consumer, professional and industrial use.

Navigation community included specialists from scientific institutes and industrial enterprises. Previous conferences which were conducted in different countries of Europe and Australia since 2010 had attracted thousands of participants. In 2014 conference was conducted in South Korea with the focus on Competition among the best navigation products for indoor positioning, along with lectures and discussions. 10 companies from different countries including SPIRIT Navigation were participants of the Competition. The companies presented their products on indoor positioning for smartphones. Three floor exhibition building (5000 sq m) was used as the testing area. SPIRIT Navigation got 2d place and a diploma. SPIRIT Navigation also presented a paper which was welcome by participants (published in IPIN-2014 Proceedings / IEEE).

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